WPBR is the oldest Creole station in Palm Beach County and we are the only non-brokered station in the market. This means that we do not sell time to independent agents and we have full control over our content.

We are proud to say that WPBR features the most popular Creole morning show in Palm Beach County, as well as highly acclaimed and very animated afternoon drive time, and evening programing featuring political commentary, local news and sports.

WPBR is now the first and only Haitian radio station in the United States to broadcast on FM! We can be heard throughout Palm Beach County on 96.1 FM.

Given the popularity of radio in the Haitian community , we are confident that 96.1 FM, WPBR will continue to be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your business.

To discuss advertising opportunities on WPBR, call Ben at 954-336-0715 or email him at benr@sakpase.fm